What is the purpose of The Parliamentary Review?

The Parliamentary Review allows businesses and public sector bodies to share and promote their best practice within policy sectors, with the goal of raising standards. 

How does The Parliamentary Review function?

The publication is independently owned by Westminster Publications Ltd. This allows the publication to remain non-partisan, and as such grants the freedom to our representatives to praise and criticise government policy against the comparatively blank canvas of the document, which takes no official stance. Alongside these voices that represent different sectors, each year notable politicians and senior figures related to the relevant industry lend their perspective and insight to The Parliamentary Review. The result is a multifaceted and cohesive picture of the country.

How many representatives are in each document?

There are usually between 10 and 15 representatives in each document. This allows for significant and varied content, while not diluting any one representative’s contribution to the edition.

What is the readership?

Total readership of The Parliamentary Review has been upward of 500,000 per year, making it one of the most widely read and circulated series of publications of its kind. It is primarily aimed at directors, CEOs and those in positions of leadership. The publications are primarily distributed in hard copy, but there is a significant online presence.

How is The Parliamentary Review funded?

The Review is funded by the representatives involved in each document.

What is The Parliamentary Review Gala?

To celebrate the release of The Parliamentary Review, a gala evening is held in the House of Commons as a thank you to all our representatives, where we have had notable speakers from the world of politics, media and sport in recent years.