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Last resort for critical infrastructure?

National Struggles with Automation

Philip Lowe, governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia: 'there is much for us to feel fortunate about'

When speaking to the Australia Industry Group in June 2018, Philip Lowe, governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), pointed out that the country enjoys a level of economic prosperity that many others do not.

The Parliamentary Review Launches in Australia

The Parliamentary Review's launch in Australia has seen a year of businesses and the public sector sharing and promoting best practice.

Theresa May updates Commons following European Council summit

Theresa May addressed MPs in the Commons last night, touching on the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, recent developments in the Brexit negotiations and the results of the meeting of the European Council that occurred last week.

Former Review speaker Clegg appointed head of global affairs at Facebook

The former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has been appointed the head of global affairs and communications by US social media company Facebook. Clegg, who served as the deputy prime minister for five years during the Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government, has been hired by the technology firm to help them move forward in light of recent discussions about how governments should interact with the internet.

Andrew Neil: Politics has been turned on its head

Political journalist and commentator Andrew Neil gave a detailed and expansive speech at the recent Parliamentary Review gala, spanning the worlds of politics and economics

Jonny Wilkinson tells business leaders about the importance of mental health

Former England captain and Rugby World Cup winner Jonny Wilkinson spoke at The Parliamentary Review gala on World Mental Health Day, discussing how his life has been changed by success and injury and the subsequent effect on his mental health. Speaking in the House of Lords, Wilkinson began by saying “I haven’t done many of these speeches and especially not in a venue like this.”

Lord Blunkett recounts his time in government at The Parliamentary Review gala

At last night’s Parliamentary Review gala, held in the Palace of Westminster, Lord Blunkett delivered a speech touching on his time in government and Tony Blair’s current work through The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change. Blunkett, the co-chair of the Review, began by welcoming the former prime minister and the best practice representatives who had gathered on Parliament’s Pavilion Terrace.

Blair praises "remarkable" Parliamentary Review

Following an introduction from the owner and executive director of The Parliamentary Review, Daniel Yossman, former prime minister Tony Blair delivered a wide-ranging and humorous speech about his time in politics and the current state of government.

Hammond tells giant tech firms their limits

Speaking to the 2018 Conservative Party conference, Philip Hammond, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, raised concerns over the stratospheric rise of “tech giants” – comparing them to the late-19th century monopolies that developed in the United States.

Accord Healthcare

A key stakeholder in the UK’s strong pharmaceutical sector, Accord Healthcare has held a presence in...

A week in review (16th April - 19th April)

A rundown of the week's parliamentary business, April 16th - April 19th