About Us

Combining political commentary from leading journalists, with sector specific insight from Secretaries of State, Ministers and MPs, The Parliamentary Review is an indispensable guide to industry best practice, which demonstrates how sector leaders have responded to challenges in the political and economic environment.

The Review has several editions, each focusing on an individual policy area with the strategic aim of raising standards by highlighting best practice.

In Britain, The Parliamentary Review is sent to over 500,000 leading business executives and policy makers. In recent years, it has featured forewords by Theresa May, David Cameron and many other political figures. The Review's release is marked by an annual gala in the Palace of Westminster.

The inaugural Australian Parliamentary Review will be published in 2019. 

Executive Director - Daniel Yossman

Daniel Yossman is the founder of The Parliamentary Review, having set up the organisation in the UK in 2013. He has a degree in Russian and Business Management from The University of Manchester. Through The Parliamentary Review he has brought together the British Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer, numerous Cabinet ministers and many of the UK’s leading executives and journalists to produce a model for reform. He is keenly anticipating the release of the Australian Parliamentary Review in 2018. 

Chairman - The Rt Hon Sir Eric Pickles

Sir Eric Pickles was the British Secretary of State for Local Government and Communities from 2010 to 2015 and the MP for Brentwood and Ongar between 1992 and 2017. Following his decision to leave parliament ahead of the last general election, he was appointed Chairman of The Parliamentary Review in both the UK and Australia and remains the United Kingdom Special Envoy for Post-Holocaust Issues.

Director (Australia) - Joshua Jackson

Joshua has a post-graduate degree in Contemporary Global Security from the University of Sheffield in the UK. He has written extensively on topics such as energy security and development policies of the World Bank, and has a keen interest in political theory and geopolitics. Joshua will be overseeing the Australian Parliamentary Review. 

Chief Editor - The Rt Hon David Curry

David Curry has a degree in Modern History from The University of Oxford. He is the former world trade editor of the Financial Times, MEP for Essex North East and MP for Skipton and Ripon. During his time as an MP in Britain, he held positions such as Minister of State and Minister for Housing. He will be editing the 2018 Australian Parliamentary Review. 

Head of Research - Alex Papadopoulos

Alex studied Politics and International Studies at the University of Melbourne. Following completion of his degree, he was awarded a Chevening Scholarship to study at Merton College, Oxford. 

Journalist - Mark D’Arcy

Mark D'Arcy is a Parliamentary Correspondent for BBC News. He was born in Chichester in Sussex, and has an economics degree from The University of Sussex. A journalist for 31 years, he has worked for LWT's current affairs flagship, Weekend World, and the Leicester Mercury, before joining the BBC. 

Director (UK) - Craig Wilmann

Craig Wilmann has a BA in English Studies from the University of Nottingham and a Masters in Playwriting from the University of Birmingham. He is a notable playwright and author.

Director of International Relations (Europe) - James Thomas

James ensures the synergy between the international iterations of The Parliamentary Review.